Trampoline Pads - Trampoline Padding

Trampoline Pads - Trampoline Padding

Trampoline pads are a fundamental component of any trampoline, offering protection to the user of the trampoline and preventing the occurrence of serious injuries.

Here at Big Game Hunters' Trampoline Pad Shop we have vast experience and extensive knowledge of improving trampoline safety, which is why we created this website. Our equipment ensures excellent protection, ensuring that the user is safe when bouncing.

A Trampoline Pad Surround sits directly above the trampoline springs, ensuring that user doesn't fall onto the springs and injure themselves through fall off of the trampoline or catching parts of their body with the trampoline springs.

It is important that you replace the pads on your trampoline when they begin to wear, if left it could potentially result in the user getting seriously injured.

Here are five key things to consider when purchasing replacement pads:

1.Thickness: The thickness of your trampoline padding determines the level of protection they will offer. We would recommend that the pads should be at least 20mm thick, but you often see cheap trampolines being sold with much less. Our Skyhigh replacement pads are 27mm thick, offering extensive protection from the trampoline springs.

2. Material: It is important that the Trampoline Padding that you purchase is both waterproof and long-lasting. Most pads are made of cheap plastic or EPE material. This will crack and fade in the sun quickly and offer reduced protection. Skyhigh units are made from high quality polyester material that is soft to touch and hard wearing outdoors.

3. Size: Although it may seem obvious, people frequently buy the wrong size pads for their trampoline, which is why it is important to check before you buy. We measure the trampoline size by the most outer points of the actual trampoline frame itself.

4.Warranty: Since you are purchasing your second set now, why not buy a decent set that will last the life of your trampoline. All Skyhigh Trampoline Surround Pads come with a 1 year warranty.

5. Method of attachment: Ties are commonly used on the cheaper units, Skyhigh pads come with elasticated toggle loops. This means that when there are high winds, the straps themselves can stretch and take up the stress of movement in comparison to the straps on cheaper brands that snap.

Our packages are designed to further improve key elements of your trampoline such as safety, performance and appearance. All of the packages that we retail have been tailored to the individual requirements of our customers, which is why we have included a wide range of different trampoline accessories within them.

By stocking Skyhigh trampoline surround pads, we can guarentee that they are both safe and reliable for the user, ensuring that our customers are 100% happy with the product that we supply. It is also very easy to fit a Skyhigh pad onto your trampoline, adding to the benefit to the user.

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