10ft Trampoline Pads, Ladder and Safety Net Package

10ft Trampoline Pads, Ladder and Safety Net Package

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Product Information

The 10ft trampoline pads, ladder and safety net package is ideal for anyone looking to make their 10ft trampoline safer. This package is produced by Skyhigh who are a well-known trampoline and trampoline accessories manufacturer. The 10ft deluxe trampoline pads are 27mm thick and feature a soft touch feel to enhance the comfort of the user. The 10ft trampoline ladder is designed to make accessing the trampoline both safer and easier. The 10ft trampoline safety enclosure will significantly improve the safety of your trampoline, allowing the user to bounce without having to worry about falling off.

Technical Specifications

  • Fits all trampoline brands
  • Outside fabric: Deluxe PVC fabric
  • Access: Door with toggles
  • Size of trampoline ladder: 10ft Diameter (fits trampolines 70-80cm high)
  • Ladder material: UV treated steel
  • UV resistant: Yes
  • The 10ft trampoline safety net featured in this package will fit most 10ft trampolines with 4 legs.
  • Thick PVC padding
  • UV protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • 33cm wide spring covering
  • Easily attached using elastic ties
  • Next day delivery
  • 10ft Trampoline Pads
  • 10ft Trampoline Ladder
  • 10ft Trampoline Safety Net
  • Size of trampoline pad: 10ft Diameter
  • Thickness of trampoline pads: 27mm
  • Attachment method: Easily attached using elastic ties
  • Size of trampoline safety net: 10ft Diameter
  • Safety net frame: 24.5mm Steel tubing
  • Thickness of padding: 55mm
  • Net material: High tension PE mesh fabric

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