14ft Trampoline Pads and Bed Package

14ft Trampoline Pads and 88 Spring Trampoline Bed Package

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Product Information

This 14ft trampoline pads and 88 spring 14ft trampoline bed package is designed for people who are looking to replace both their trampoline and bed to restore the performance and safety of their 14ft trampoline. This package contains a set of 14ft replacement deluxe trampoline pads and a 14ft trampoline bed that fits any 14ft trampoline with 88 springs. Both of the products are made by Skyhigh, a respected manufacturer of trampolines and trampoline accessories.

Technical Specifications

  • Fits all trampoline brands
  • UV resistant: Yes
  • Thick PVC padding
  • UV protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • 33cm wide spring covering
  • Easily attached using elastic ties
  • 14ft Trampoline Pads
  • 14ft Trampoline Bed (88 Springs)
  • Size of trampoline pad: 14ft Diameter
  • Outside fabric: Deluxe PVC fabric
  • Thickness of trampoline pads: 27mm
  • Attachment method: Easily attached using elastic ties
  • Size of trampoline bed: 14ft Diameter
  • Bed material: Polypropylene
  • Number of springs required: 88

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