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About Us

Trampoline Pad Shop is a specialist website that sells a wide range of trampoline pads and trampoline pad packages. Our website contains a wide range of products as well as useful information and guides designed to help you choose, fit and maintain your trampoline pads.

Trampoline pads are a fundamental component of any trampoline, and it is vital that they are replaced when they begin to wear. Trampoline pads are designed to prevent the user of the trampoline from making contact with the trampoline springs, without them the user may be at serious risk of injury.
We created the Trampoline Pads website with the intention of offering our customers a simple way to buy trampoline pads and other essential trampoline accessories. We have a team of dedicated sales representatives who are both well trained and experienced, ensuring that they can offer comprehensive assistance to our customers.

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