How Do I Fit My Trampoline Pad?

How Do I Fit My Trampoline Pad?

It can be a learning curve trying to fit your trampoline pad so we have provided some advice on how to do so.

Trampoline replacement pads are designed to be universal, so fitting them is usually very straightforward. Complications sometimes arise when you have a safety enclosure fitted. Some safety enclosures will require you to remove the netting for the pads to fit. However most enclosures will be fine and you will just need to lay the pads on top of the springs and attach using the toggles. The same procedure would apply if you are fitting the new padding without the safety enclosure fitted.

The padding has toggle loops fitted to the underside of the pad as securing mechanisms and this will secure the trampoline mat in windy conditions. However if it is extremely windy it is recommended to either cover your trampoline with a protective cover or remove the padding. This is to prolong the life of your pad. The toggle loops are the best way of securing your trampoline pad to the trampoline, they are elasticated and will stretch with the trampoline movements and this is vital when the trampoline is been bounced on.

Once secured your new trampoline pad will freshen up your trampoline and the padding will also add to your peace of mind that your children are using the trampoline safely. When you measure the trampoline pad you will need to measure from one edge of the trampoline to the other. This will give you the overall diameter and this is the size that the industry lists.

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