How Long Does A Trampoline Pad Last For?

How Long Does A Trampoline Pad Last For?

Trampoline pads, or bumpers as they are sometimes referred to as, are guaranteed to be fine outside in the elements. However it is recommended to cover the padding over the harsh winter months for the best life on your trampoline. Trampoline pads should not deteriorate if they are properly looked after and sheltered from the elements. This can be done by covering both the padding and trampoline bed with a cover or by removing the padding over the harsh winter months. It is important that you use a trampoline cover as this will allow water to pass through while protecting the pad from freezing during the frosty mornings. Providing the padding is looked after and correctly stored away over the winter you will usually find good quality pads lasting well over five years.

You can purchase budget pads on the market but these will not last as long as a deluxe pad. The materials used are different and you will also find the safety they provide is different. Budget padding which is usually easily distinguished by the plastic feel to the pads and by very thin lines across the padding. This is showing the material used and you will generally find these pads supplied on cheaper trampolines is wholesaled. Skyhigh padding is more durable as this is made from a rubberised canvas with a waterproof finish. The foam is also a closed cell memory pad and as a result your children will have a safer cushioning around the springs adding to your peace of mind.

Trampoline padding can last for many years providing they are correctly looked after and maintained using these guidelines.

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