How To Choose The Right Size Trampoline Pad

How To Choose The Right Size Trampoline Pad

Trampoline pads come in various different shapes and sizes and choosing the right one is very important. New sizes and shapes of trampoline have been developed; rectangular and round trampolines have been around for many years but oval trampolines are now available too. You can get folding trampolines and even spring free trampolines so knowing the size and shape of your trampoline is vital.

The best way to tell what size your trampoline is with a measuring table, please do not go with what you where told when you bought the trampoline. Trampolines are often sold as rounded up or down figures so you may think you are buying a 12ft round trampoline for instance but it could actually be a 11.5ft trampoline or even a 12.7ft trampoline. The best way to check what size you have is measure the trampoline. Round trampolines are measured from edge to edge right across the middle of the trampoline. Rectangular trampolines are measured by taking the length and width, so for instance if the length of your trampoline is 7ft and the width is 10ft your trampoline is a 7ft x 10ft trampoline and the pads you will need to buy are 7ft x 10ft pads. If you have an octagonal trampoline round padding will not work.

Once you have worked out the size of your trampoline you will then able to choose the right padding for you. The material the padding is made from is a very import deciding factor. Cheap plastic padding is often represented by thin lines across your trampoline and a plastic feel to the pads, these pads will not last and you will have to replace them every year if not more often.

The foam inside the padding is another crucial deciding point as this is what protects your children from the springs on the trampoline. The best type of foam to choose is closed cell memory foam as this will not wear down in one place and will provide a full foam effect across the whole diameter of the padding. Some cheap padding will trick you by advertising that the foam padding is thick, but in effect this tapers down towards the centre of the pad making the padding potentially dangerous and very poor quality. The foam in your trampoline pad needs to be the same thickness from one side of the pad to the other.

The securing mechanism of the trampoline pad to the frame is also important. You will need to ensure that you have a toggle system that secures the pad to the trampoline, using anything else could damage the pad or trampoline as the trampoline pads will usually move slightly which each bounce. The pad will need to be able to deal with slight movement. Most quality trampoline pads are sold with fixing toggles so you will not need to source this elsewhere.

The trampoline pads we have in stock are designed to be universal, so if you have a round trampoline that corresponds with the size of the trampoline pad, then it will fit. However if your trampoline has an integrated enclosure you may need to check with us prior to you placing the order to ensure it will fit. Trampoline pads are generally supplied in the following sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft. Trampolines pads are sometimes confused with the bed, the part you actually bounce on, so it is imperative that the correct item is purchased, the pads are also referred to as bumpers or even surrounds. Purchasing new padding will freshen up your trampoline and provide safety to the users. All you need to remember is measure your trampoline correctly, choose the correct size and shape and your pad will fit.

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