Trampoline Pad Frequently Asked Questions

Trampoline Pad F.A.Q's

1. How do I measure my trampoline for the right trampoline pads?

  • When measuring your trampoline, you must start from the most outer points of the trampoline frame. Most people measure only the trampoline bed, but this is not your true size. Ensure that you measure from the most outer points of the metal trampoline frame. You can measure at any point around your frame as the circular diameter is the same.

2. How do I make sure that the trampoline padding will cover my springs?

  • Before ordering your replacement trampoline pads, measure the entire length of your trampoline springs. That includes measuring your hooks on the springs themselves. In the trampoline industry everyone works on entire length dimensions. Most retailers including ourselves specify on the website what spring coverage the trampoline pads offer.

3. What is the warranty on the trampoline pads?

  • All the trampoline pads we sell are sold with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. That means that if they fail in any way due to manufacture design fault we will replace the trampoline pads free of charge.

4. Can I leave the trampoline pads on the trampoline all year round?

  • We recommend that you store your trampoline pads away in the winter to avoid frost damage, but this does not mean that they can't stay out year round.

5. Do these trampoline pads fit octagonal trampolines?

  • The basic answer is no to this unfortunately. Due to the shape of the trampoline, even if the diameter is the same, the trampoline pads will not fit properly.

6. How do I fit my trampoline pads?

  • All the trampoline pads are supplied with toggle loop straps for easy attachment. This means that the trampoline pads can be taken on or off in a matter of minutes. It also means that the trampoline pads are held firmly in place at all times to ensure bouncer safety.

7. Are the trampoline pads waterproof?

  • The trampoline pads are made from a polyester material that is oil based and that means that they are water resistant to a point. They are not entirely water resistant though and we recommend storage in the winter to avoid frost damage.

8. If I order my trampoline pads today, when will I get them?

  • We understand that you want to get the children out in the garden bouncing as soon as possible and so we try make sure that we have stock at all times and if you order before 12pm on a working day we will dispatch it the same day. If you order on a Friday or bank holiday, your order will be dispatched on the next working day and delivered the following day.

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