What Colour Trampoline Pads Are Available

What Colour Trampoline Pads Are Available

Trampoline pads are traditionally available in green, but also come in blue. Green pads will blend into your garden and add a natural feel to your trampoline. The colour of the trampoline pad does not change the quality of the unit, however the standard colour of padding sold by wholesalers does tend to be blue. These pads tend to be of poor quality, hence you if you aren't buying from a quality retailer then you can expect them to wear out faster.

We generally recommend going for a natural colour that will blend into the garden. Green padding tends to allow a camouflage effect for the trampoline which means it won't look out of place. If you already have blue padding and you wish to change to blue, you might have to change your enclosure sleeves too. Our Skyhigh padding is UV treated and will last much longer. If the padding is not UV treated it will deteriorate much faster in the sun and the colour will fade very quickly.

When you look to purchase a replacement pad, you will need to measure the trampoline from edge to edge and this will give you the dimensions of the trampoline. It is very important that you measure the trampoline correctly and purchase the correct padding. If for instance your padding measured 10ft from edge to edge you will need to purchase a 10ft pad.

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