What is a Trampoline Pad

What is a Trampoline Pad

The trampoline pad, or padding is referred to as the ring that sits on the outside of your trampoline covering the springs. The padding is sometimes referred to as a bumper or even surround but the correct market terminology of the product is a trampoline pad. The padding is usually a foam ring surrounded by a covering. We use a rubberised PVC canvas and have found this to be the best quality on the market.

The trampoline pad will protect the user from the springs and provide a soft cushioning around the outside of the trampoline. When choosing a new pad you will need to consider the following points.

The trampoline will need to measured from edge to edge using a tape measure. This is the only way of telling what size your trampoline is. It is not recommended to believe what you where told when you bought the trampoline, some trampolines are sold as a rounded up size so even though it states for instance a 12ft Trampoline it might be a 12.5ft trampoline or even a 11.7ft trampoline.

This may seem obvious but it is important to check if you are purchasing the correct shape, the most common mistake when it comes to the shape of a trampoline is the hexagonal trampolines, customer often mistake these for round trampolines as the general shape is round, but a round pad will not fit this trampoline. As far as rectangular and oval trampolines you will need to have the exact same size and shape pad for it to work.

Trampoline pads also come in different styles, you will be able to get budget padding or deluxe padding but in our option if you are needing to purchase new padding you more than likely had budget padding so moving up to a deluxe pad may be better for you. The deluxe padding has a closed cell memory foam pad which means you will have the same thickness of padding across the width of packing the pad and as a result your children will have the safest cushioning on their trampoline. You can easily identify cheap padding by the plastic affect on the padding and you will find very think lines across the material of the padding, the deluxe padding will have a smooth soft texture and a waterproof feeling.

Trampoline pads are vital to your children safety and it is import to choose the right one and to insure that your pad is kept in a good condition.

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